We are offering a three-week summer intensive for young talents that aims to provide the essence of music-making to the next generations of performing artists from all over the world. 

Our faculty is a group of internationally acclaimed artists and pedagogues that care about the development of every young musician of the festival. All members of the faculty and staff live on campus, sharing meals and their off-time with the students, which creates a unique atmosphere of community bonded through music-making and learning. 


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Every student is scheduled for a minimum of two one-hour private lessons every week. Students are welcomed to ask for the teacher's permission to be a passive listener for peer's lessons. 

Chamber Music

Two-chamber music coachings weekly and daily chamber music rehearsals are the requirement for every student regardless of his/her age. 

Guest Artists

We inspire our students in every way possible, including faculty concerts, performances, and masterclasses with guest artists 

Lectures and Workshops

Our responsibility is to provide a well-rounded contextualized musical education, therefore we lead a series of uniquely-designed visual and performing arts workshops on interdisciplinary collaboration, and creative thinking. 


There are endless opportunities for students to perform. In addition to student recitals, chamber music showcases, outreach performances, and masterclasses, we encourage students to perform during the outreach series. 


Another way we encourage our students to give back to the community is by performing at the "Kids for Kids" series